Kevin Van Aelst – Art, Science, Food

Kevin Van Aelst‘s food photography series presents science and mathematics through very unscientific foods such as donuts and gummy worms, and it is this strange juxtaposition which caught our attention.

He explains ‘the images aim to examine the distance between the ‘big picture’ and ‘the little things’ in life’ – the banalities of life and the sublime notions of identity and existence.’¬†The resulting photographs create a new perspective on very mathematical and precisely structured data, such as DNA.

The only negative thing we have to say about this series of his work is its authenticity. It is sometimes hard to tell if a composition is genuine or if it has been digitally altered, which is a shame; we are far more excited by the manipulation of a material in its original form. For example it would be fascinating to explore how to actually morph a Krispy Kreme into two.

We are also intrigued by his fingerprint series, which use an array of objects to explore the subject of the minute. ¬†Although kitty litter is pushing it a bit…

Maria Popova has written a great article on the artist for Brainpickings. Read it here.

All images by Kevin Van Aelst