CityMurmur – mapping media

City Murmur‘s goal is to show how the media portray different areas of a particular city through the attention that is given to each street. A ‘media geography’ is therefore created, which intersects with the geographical actuality of the city.

CityMurmur does not address maps and diagrams as mere representations but as tools for action. They want to build a ‘time based narrative’ which, over time, can be used for research and analysis. This is what we love about this project; it is the active collection of valuable data through an accessible, interactive and elegant system.

In short, it works by matching RSS feed posts against the OpenStreetMap street database; read here for a more in depth explanation (because we couldn’t possibly do it justice in a few words).

This is an ongoing project which will be performed in various cities, the first one being Madrid, which resulted from the Vizualizar ’08 workshop. ┬áCityMurmur is currently mapping New Orleans.

All images by CityMurmur