Do Lectures – Alex Haw

Creative Data friend and LocalGlobal Thanksgiving collaborator Alex Haw recently spoke at the inspirational Do lectures in Wales. Do is all about listening to other people’s stories and coming away inspired to go on and ‘Do amazing things’ yourself. Alex, a visionary artist and architect, certainly achieved this.

Alex talks extensively about his varied (yet all equally interesting) range of projects he has worked on with his creative architectural team Atmos. Of course we are particularly fascinated with the use of data found within his work. One project in particular we love deals with the way people construct spaces themselves.

The Light Hive project centers around the theme of surveillance, with Alex describing Atmos’ view of the subject as being ‘ambi-veillance’: a term which illustrates how they straddle the positive and negative boundary of the topic.

The building chosen for the installation was that of the Architectural Association in Bedford Square. Alex describes how there is no clue as to what is happening inside the building and how that makes the building become important. The team took the whole building and ‘pushed it’ into one room at a reduced scale of 1:6, notifying where all the lights are in the building; lights being a signifier of function.

Using sensors, they then monitored who was in the building and where: each time a sensor was activated, an LED (or ‘floating datum’ as Alex describes them) lit up on the scaled ‘diagram’ within the installation room. Capturing data meant they could play it back in time lapse to analyse when and how people utilised the space.

Learn more about this project and lots of Alex’s other brilliant ideas by watching his Do Lecture, linked below:

Images by Alex Haw (sourced from his Do Lecture)