LocalGlobal Thanksgiving

Image by Elevine Lillebuen Berge

Our meticulously planned and scrumptiously executed event LocalGlobal Thanksgiving took place on Saturday. We can’t take all the credit though; the wonderful Alex Haw brought a tasty touch of Latitudinal Cuisine and Yinka Shonibare was kind enough to have Guest Projects host the event.

The whole occasion arose from a decided interest in the relationship between local communities and their respective food cultures. We decided to explore this within the confines of a mile radius, with Guest Projects acting as the centre point.  After a whole lot of researching and many a phone call to Hackney and Tower Hamlets councils, we were able to deduce the five most prominent ethnic cultures within the boroughs: British (East End English), Turkish, Ghanaian, Bangladeshi and Vietnamese.

The prospect of such an eclectic mix of cuisines got us rather excited. With the help of Alex Haw and the greatness of his Latitudinal Cuisine, the idea of everyone creating a dish from one of the local cultures came about. Even better that we were able to tie it in with Thanksgiving.

The evening was a fantastic success with an array of tasty global treats, live Skype link ups from the East (Saigon Vietnam) to the West (Bahamas) and of course, many new friendships were formed.

Image by Elevine Lillebuen Berge

Here at Creative Data we are super excited about the possibility of really getting our teeth into and expanding the LocalGlobal community food project. Our research for the Thanksgiving was completely fascinating; some of the people we came across whilst gathering data for our placemat were simply charming.

It is our intention to expand on this research, collecting data at both a statistical and personal level, and, through workshops, talks and exhibitions we aim to create something reflectively enriching and engaging that we can present back to the local communities. It is our hope that this will lead to the creation of a replicable model for other areas of London and other cities in the UK as a result.

Photos of the LocalGlobal Thanksgiving are on Flickr

Image by Leonora Oppenheim