Telling Stories With Data – VisWeek2010

Here at CreativeData we like to think of ourselves as data storytellers. So imagine our delight when we found this inspiring article on a recent workshop at VisWeek2010 named Telling Stories with Data, which specifically examined the construction of narratives with data visualisation.

The workshop, organised by Matt McKeonKarrie Karahalios, and Joan DiMicco, drew participants with interests in visualisation, social media and the humanities and aimed to promote the power of data storytelling. They explain that a good data narrative leads the reader through the facts encouraging them to make new discoveries. Most importantly, it should guide the audience towards that “A-ha” moment of enlightenment, as they call it, which leads to the formation of a personal connection to the data.

The organisers say they ‘see the theme of “storytelling with data” as a re-focusing of the discussion of “visualization for the masses”…’ This discussion of “visualisation for the the masses”, first brought up in 2007 by the InfoVis capstone by Stephen Few, suggested to the academic community that there was a strong need to make data accessible to the ‘masses’ rather than expert only tools. We like this because this is what CreativeData is all about; that connection between academics and the general public, the merging of hard data and creativity to construct a happy medium.

We find ourselves questioning, however, the workshop’s focus on rather uncreative infographics. One of our principal objectives at CreativeData is to transform data and research into spatial and tactile experiences, as well as graphic. By entering the third dimension we believe we can create stronger personal connections and memories through physical interaction.

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