The Butterfly Effect Project Inset Day

We’ve been working very hard here at Creative Data over the last few months to get our first education project off the ground. We’re very excited to say that last week we launched The Butterfly Effect Schools Project at an INSET Day for 10 teachers from participating schools in Norfolk.

This schools project is the culmination of 2 years work following The Butterfly Effect exhibition at The Forum in Norwich in 2009. We had always planned to follow the design installation with a dissemination project which allowed the community to take ownership of the theme of The Future of The Norfolk and Suffolk Broads, but due to some inevitable funding struggles it took longer to launch that we imagined.

But now we’re ready to go! Thanks in no small part to the support from our project sponsors The Broads Authority Sustainable Development Fund and Anglian Water.

Last Monday Lucy Rose, originator of the Butterfly Effect children’s workshop at The Forum, and project director Leonora Oppenheim hosted the INSET day, in conjunction with Anglian Water. We introduced the history of the project and handed over our beautiful bespoke education packs. We were very pleased that Paul Munday could join us to present his PhD work on future land use in The Broads. His was the scientific research which we based the map installation on, so it’s important to keep that connection to the original project alive.

Anglian Water kindly hosted us in a wonderfully grand room at the Heigham Waterworks site in Norwich. The size of the room meant we were able to spread out our map sections of The Broads on the floor for our icebreaker.

We used the map as a tool to get teachers from each school to introduce themselves and where they are from. Each stood on their section of the map that they took away with them at the end of the day with their Box of Goodies. We’re looking forward to bringing all the sections back together after the kids have got their hands on them for the schools exhibition next year, which will show off all the schools’ creative output from this project.

Lucy Rose and project researcher Anna Clayton led the sessions, introducing the workshop activities and getting our teachers to try some of them out. This included working in pairs and groups to discuss the various conflicting factors that are important to the future of The Broads.

Lucy even got them on the floor doing an activity!

Marcia Davies and Ellie Pluck from Anglian Water presented to the group about water use, describing the main problems the company faces in cleaning water, and different simple ways of using water more efficiently.

We worked very hard on our education packs for the teachers and we were delighted with the final look and quality of them. Thanks must go to Elio Studio design assistant Hannah Thompson whose beautiful graphic work is spread through the education pack. She also documented the INSET day with these excellent photographs and a short film – coming soon! That’s Hannah below, holding our lovely education booklet.

The response from the teachers was universally positive and we are starting to give the introductory workshops in schools with children next week. Here are just some of the lovely feedback comments we received at the end of the INSET day:

  • Excited at the prospect of being part of an environmental project with a really meaningful outcome.
  • Sounds like a fantastic way to get children and families discussing these important local/national issues.
  • Very enthusiastic to start ‘project’ I think children will really enjoy the learning.
  • The butterfly effect is the perfect way to stimulate discussion about the future of the Broadland, and ensure it is cared for by the next generation.
  • The project reflects the way we like to work in school and incorporates a real life purpose.
  • Inspiring ideas which I’m sure we’ll have great fun with at school.

Watch this space to follow the project’s progress. We will keeping in touch with each school and posting blogs on their activities throughout the process.