Stefanie Posavec talks about her beautiful handcrafted infographics

This is a lovely video from Protein OS interviewing Stefanie Posavec about her work creating infographics. We love her “hand made” approach to dealing with patterns in numbers.  Read the feature on Stefanie here and watch the interview below.


“Everything I have done so far has revolved around things that I love – books and language, and maths and numbers. As long as I’m looking at something that I am really interested in it makes the days and hours of sifting through and analysing a subject easier.”

We’re pretty excited about Stefanie’s recent artwork for the cover of the new OK GO album. Apparently explanations of the graphics are pending…

This quote from Stefanie about what she wants to do next sounds right up our street. Creative collaboration with scientists is where it’s at. Great minds think alike.

“I’d love to collaborate more with scientists and researchers. Perhaps an artist-in-residence at a research institute; working with people with lots of interesting data that don’t really know what to do with it. And turning that data into something beautiful to show the public all the wonders that they are missing.”