The Butterfly Effect Schools Exhibition

So this is what’s happening in our Creative Data world next week. The Butterfly Effect project is reaching its colourful culmination at The Forum in Norwich, with an exhibition of 10 Norfolk Primary Schools’ creative work.

At the beginning of this year bespoke educations packs and activities, that we designed, were delivered to each of these ten schools situated in the Broadland area. The children started the project by looking at maps of their area and were asked questions such as “Where are the Broads?”, “What do people do there?” and “How have they changed over time?”

Pupils were then asked to imagine what their local landscape might look like in the future and what role climate change might play. The children responded with a variety of vibrant visions, including drawings, sculptures, quilts and animations. Their beautiful work shows how young people imagine their future landscapes.

The subject of water also played a big part in the project with a several activities dedicated to its importance, both locally and globally. Each school took on a weekly water challenge to do one thing per week to use water more efficiently. Challenges included brushing teeth with half a cup of water, collecting rainwater for watering the garden, and having a shower instead of a bath.

This exhibition is the conclusion of our 3 year pilot project for Creative Data about the future of The Norfolk and Suffolk Broads. Its purpose was to explore how designers and scientists can work together to communicate valuable local data and research to the public in new and exciting ways.

This project was based on the PhD thesis of Paul Munday about future land use in the Broadland area. The Butterfly Effect was created in collaboration with Anglian Water, The Broads Authority, CUE East at UEA & Norfolk County Council Children’s Services.

Below you can see some of the highlights from the The Butterfly Effect Schools Exhibition which runs from Monday 30th April to Thursday May 3rd at The Forum in Norwich. Please come and see us there.

Ludham Primary School’s Quilt


A mobile of Filby Broad by Nathan at Ormesby Junior School


A beautiful black and yellow butterfly, also from Ormesby Junior School.


A drawing of a swan on The Broads from Hopton Primary School.