Inspiration Monday: Purpose is the new bottom line

“If the animating spirit is not a love ethic, grounded in actually making the lives of other people better, you might have some short term economic gains, but over the long haul we have not found that enduring businesses and brands come from that.”

This Creative Mornings (NYC) talk from social entrepreneur Casey Gerald is a great point of inspiration for any young business that sets out to make the world a better place. And we definitely put ourselves in that category. As Casey says, the road is long and hard, but ultimately it’s so much more rewarding than staying comfortable within the status quo.

With Creative Data we are opting to explore small qualitative data in a world of big quantitive data, because we think the stories within local communities are the ones that most need to be told to inspire positive behaviour change.

Casey is a motivating speaker, for sure, but he’s also an inspiring doer. Along with 3 other Harvard graduate, he started MBA’s Across America which goes into struggling communities and offers Harvard MBA skills to local entrepreneurs. It’s a radical option for someone primed for a career, as he says, at Goldman Sachs.

Rock on Casey, we feel your love ethic. Do watch the talk, but we also recomend the Q&A posted below, which holds some real nuggets of goodness, including the quote above.