Creative Data is a design partnership that brings together designer Leonora Oppenheim with cultural geographer Dr Lucy Rose.

We have pooled our broad range of skills and experience to create new opportunities for people to engage with complex contemporary issues.

Here are ten challenges that get us out of bed in the morning:

  • Everyone deserves the chance to engage with issues beyond their current sphere of understanding. We create these opportunities.
  • We believe every scientific or technological discovery has an equally significant socio-cultural dimension. We encourage and facilitate this exploration.
  • Perspective is everything in relation to a problem. We design activities that help people understand and communicate their personal point of view. This creates space for productive conversations, leading to new interpretations of issues.
  • It’s not just children that learn from play – new ideas and interpretations emerge for everyone in playful environments. We create playful spaces that broaden perspectives and enable engagement with complex issues that may seem intimidating to address.
  • Social and environmental issues can appear complex. We use design and engagement strategies to help people make sense of associated challenges.
  • Global challenges often feel remote. We bring issues into local environments to help individuals understand them in the context of their own lives.
  • People can find it difficult to reconcile their personal and professional responses to problems, ideas and issues. We explore the gap between these responses to create better solutions.
  • Changing behaviours and attitudes is hard. We understand this is a complex and long term process and so we design mechanisms to support behaviour change alongside activities that communicate the reason for change.
  • There is so much data being collected out there. We help clients use existing information to contextualise specific problems, and their desired outcomes. This approach produces a successful strategic response.
  • Everyday work spaces can be hard to engage in. We design immersive, dynamic spaces that enable physical interaction and learning, allowing an embodied understanding of an issue.