Creative Data is an initiative that uses design to unlock the story of data. Our mission is to facilitate cultural and economic transformational change by focusing on local issues with global relevance. 


This happens through public design installations, exhibitions and creative learning programmes. 

For these multimedia projects we collaborate with scientists, communities and enterprise to raise awareness about our changing world. Together, we generate conversations about how society and the environment will need to adapt in the future.

The quality of these conversations is underpinned by a strong design approach, both in systems thinking and visual presentation. This is what marks out our work as both beautiful and effective.

Creative Data projects adhere to a replicable model that includes three keys phases: research, installation and education. Each project is bespoke in subject, context and audience, taking inspiration from climatic, environmental, social and material studies.


How do we help people feel empowered to take positive action on the key social and environmental issues of our time? 

In our increasingly static culture, where many are tied to their desks and immersed in digital worlds, we’re seeing the traditionally escapist media and advertising industries failing to convince people of the fundamental roles they can play in their local communities.

Creative Data designs active engagement practices which enable people to participate in conversations they are usually excluded from.


Creative Data is currently working on a series of projects in collaboration with organisations around the UK. pilot project, The Butterfly Effect, on the future of The Norfolk Broads was completed in 2012.

Now proposals are being developed in Wales about coastal erosion, in Cornwall with the Eden Project, and in London with UCL on the correlation between poor air quality and areas of social depravation.

We also run engagement workshops within organisations, both in industry and education, to train staff on understanding and using complex information for effective transformational change.


Creative Data was started by Leonora Oppenheim in 2009, and is an Elio Studio production. Leonora acts as Creative Director, while cultural geographer Lucy Rose is our resident engagement specialist, soon to finish her PhD in everyday engagement processes with climate change.

Together, we initiate projects and bring brilliant minds together to work on transforming complex data and research into engaging tools and resources for the wider public.


As well as working with academic institutions, Creative Data collaborates with commercial enterprises interested in the power of play and experiential storytelling in visual communications. 

If your organisation, as part of its leadership strategy, wants to explore creative ways of communicating your R&D, innovation, and sustainability stories to wider audiences please do get in touch.