Creative Data is powered by Leonora Oppenheim and Lucy Rose. Our design and research partnership was forged in 2009 when we met in Norfolk during the The Butterfly Effect Project. Lucy’s dynamic engagement practices perfectly complemented Leonora’s design communication process.

We quickly realised that in bringing our skills together we could have a much greater impact than working apart. With each project our engagement capabilities grow and develop and we are constantly encouraged by what we achieve through our collaboration. As an addendum to this happy tale, the work we do wouldn’t mean anything without the communities we work with and the plucky interns who assist us. 


Leonora Oppenheim

LEO-round-portrait-SFI’m a designer who thrives on translating complex information into meaningful narratives for people in their everyday lives.  Having started my career working for celebrated designers such as Thomas HeatherwickMarcel Wanders and Atelier Van Lieshout,  I now channel the creative skills I’ve gathered on my path to craft stories about social and environmental innovation. Creative Data fulfills a communication need I identified through my work as a designer in industry and as a writer on design innovation. People need safe spaces to share their concerns for the future, design can be used as a tool to create that space, whether is be through participatory installations, exhibitions or workshops.


Lucy Rose

Lucy-round-portraitI’m a specialist in participatory engagement design. I have a broad range of experience working on engagement projects and events in a variety of academic and public settings. I recently completed a PhD in Cultural Geography at the University of Exeter that examines the way that people engage with climate change in the context of everyday life. My research interest is around understanding about the different ways people build knowledge from their personal experiences and interactions with social issues. Using the knowledge gained from academic work, I create the content for innovative engagement events that weave experiential narratives around contemporary issues to emotionally and intellectually engage participants.




Pip Burrows 

Pip is a talented graphic designer who specialises in layout design. He is currently studying graphic design at LCC and worked with us on The History Project at The Collett School. He worked tirelessly alongside us to produce stunning graphics for the project exhibition and provided essential hands-on support in the production of the exhibition.

Karishma Rafferty

Karishma is a talented graphic designer with an interest in curating ideas. She had finished her Masters in Curating Contemporary Design at Kingston when she came to help us with the production of The Butterfly Effect report. We noted her professional approach to design and respected her in-depth knowledge of print design. Karishma is now working as a curator at Somerset House.

Anna Clayton

Anna is a talented researcher with a passion for community engagement and permaculture. She had finished her Msc in Environmental Science at The University of East Anglia when she came to work on The Butterfly Effect Schools Project. She enthusiastically supported us through the delivery of our primary school creative learning programme and the schools exhibition. We noted how engaged she was with the children throughout and her natural positivity shone through even on the trickiest of days. Anna now works as a local food project work for the Lancaster based non-profit LESS.

Hannah Thompson

Hannah is a talented multidisciplinary designer who was studying on the Goldsmiths College design degree when we she helped us with The Butterfly Project. Hannah was a dedicated design assistant who was always ready with a new idea or solution for any challenge. She is a natural problem solved and fast learner. Her outgoing nature and motivated approach makes her a joy to work with. Hannah now works for the digital agency POSSIBLE.

Elena Edwards

Elena is a talented multidisciplinary designer with a particular gift for illustration. She had recently graduated from the Goldsmiths College design degree when she came to work with us. As well as developing the Creative Data website and writing blog posts on relevant subjects, Ellie created beautiful graphics for the Local Global Thanksgiving event we ran with Latitudinal Cuisine and Yinka Shonibare. Ellie now works as lead designer at the food company Graze.