This was a 3 month strategic consultancy project for the Knowledge Transfer Network helping to engage stakeholders across various disciplines and industrial sectors to generate a common narrative for the emerging bioeconomy.

The term ‘bioeconomy’ is nascent and unrecognised. The KTN want to promote the benefits of this new industrial lens, but first need their teams to all understand all the components related to different sectors in order to promote an accessible agenda.

After researching the KTN’s existing data on the bioeconomy we developed a dynamic workshop that invited cross sector participants to share their skills with colleagues and map out their understanding of the bioeconomy in a collaborative way.

PRAISE: “The Creative Data team brought great insight and energy to the process, challenging us to work outside of professional silos in a way that was always purposeful and supportive. Their approach was bold introducing creative techniques and approaches for an audience who were more comfortable with hard empirical evidence. The establishment of a consensus and shared direction across the workshops was hugely influential in moving the project and stakeholders forward. At all times Leonora and Lucy maintained great clarity on the purpose and justifications for every activity, bringing the creative confidence to generate promising directions while allowing the team to find the right approach for them.” Edward Hobson, Design Lead for Knowledge Transfer Network