A collaboration with climate and social scientists at the University of East Anglia re-imagined their work as an interactive public installation. Located in The Forum, a large indoor public space in the centre of Norwich, our installation encouraged people to express their hopes and concerns about the future landscape of the Norfolk Broads.

The installation took the form of a 70sq. metre map on the floor of the Forum. As people entered the Forum space they were invited to consider the respond to the question; ‘How would you like the Broads to be used in the future?’ with one of three stickers; a tractor representing agriculture, a butterfly representing conservation and a boat representing tourism and leisure. Participants were then invited to explain their responses on speech bubble stickers which were also stuck on the map. ¬†On-site workshops helped children to explore the questions behind the installation and contribute their thoughts on the future of the Broads.

Over the course of the week in which the map was transformed by a tapestry of installed contributed by visitors to the Forum. This amazing process can be seen in this film about the exhibition.