The Butterfly Effect Schools Project was designed to excite teachers and children alike, and ultimately it generated enough creative output for a public exhibition at The Forum in Norwich.

The exhibition was the technicoloured result of all the dedication and hard work the schools put into this project. Each school was asked to represent their part of the Norfolk landscape and its relationship to the Broads, highlighting what is special about where they live and what they have learned through this project.

The exhibition also reunited elements of the original installation to demonstrate the way that the ideas produced by the project had developed.

At the concluding workshops every child was asked to write on two speech bubble stickers. On the first they wrote the most important thing they thought they had learnt during the project. On the second they wrote their one wish for the future. These stickers were then used to create one of the centre points of the exhibition — the forest of wishes.

The reception of the schools exhibition in The Forum was very positive. People seemed touched by the children’s work. It brought back their own memories of childhood, as well as reminding them of what a special place The Broads is.

One visitor described her impression of the show as feeling, “like we’re fluttering around in a child’s imagination.”

Another said, “I’m glad young minds are considering these vital issues so early on. Fantastic.”

The Butterfly Effect Schools Project is interesting not only in its cross curriculum nature, including geography, history, science and art, but also in its role as a knowledge sharing exercise for universities and enterprise, teachers and children.

It was clear from the workshops we ran with the participating schools that adults have as much to learn from these Broads focused activities as the young, making everyone more aware of the environment they live in.