We installed this interactive timeline on the front lawn of The Collett School, a school for children with Learning Difficulties in Hemel Hempstead.

In their 50th year the school received a Heritage Lottery Fund Grant to research, explore and celebrate their history. Creative Data worked with them to facilitate this process.

The timeline enables staff, pupils and members of the wider community (past and present) to mark their involvement with the school. Participants interact with the installation by attaching a ribbon in either pink (teachers), blue (students) or yellow (community members), depending on their connection with the school, between the appropriate dates on the timeline.

This action created a beautiful weave of ribbons which captured the growth of the school and the long term involvement of many individuals.

The timeline sculpture takes the form of a giant cat’s cradle suspended in the trees. We have used the image of the cat’s cradle throughout the project communications, as a representation of a children’s game that embodies the idea of¬†trajectories and connections.