We were commissioned by innovation agency Your Future London to create an engagement space at Kew Gardens which would help their client explore ideas about healthy eating.

In response to their brief we created the Healthy Eating Exploratorium, an interactive space in the spirit of Kew Garden’s Victorian plant hunters.

In the first room we created a Family Kitchen environment where the workshop group could gather together for conversation, refreshments breaks and end-of-day presentations.

In the second room we created a Library Lab space where the attendees could gather to work in their breakout groups. Each team was given a large table, a small library of books, images and ingredients, and a huge enlarged version of the sketchbook portfolio they had been working in during their field trip the day before.

The enlarged portfolios could be used for brainstorming during the day and for their group presentations at the end of the workshop.

Attendees were impressed by the theming of the spaces in the small cottage on the edge of Kew Gardens. The atmosphere created by our designs greatly enhanced their immersion into the workshop content.