Creative Data is a design partnership powered by Leonora Oppenheim and Lucy Rose. We design and deliver strategies, exhibitions and workshops that facilitate personal engagement with complex contemporary issues. Our projects generate new ideas, increased agency, and positive behaviour change. We help organisations influence and transform public responses to issues that shape our world. Our creative interpretations of your knowledge lead to innovative and exciting public engagement design.




“This is another kind of shared text; instead of passively receiving plans you are engaging with the real trade offs. This is a different frame to receive scientific information in.”

John Grant writing about Creative Data in his book Co-opportunity, published by Wiley in 2010



“Climate change and population growth are going to put a huge amount of pressure on this part of the world. It’s fantastic that those who will have to deal with the long-term impact of these pressures are being given the chance to shape discussions about them.”

Rachel Dyson from Anglian Water talking about The Butterfly Effect



“Feels like we’re fluttering around in a child’s imagination. 
So glad the exhibition shows the kindness and warmth of children. 
I think us grown ups with posh shoes have a lot to learn.”

Visitor’s feedback at The Butterfly Effect Schools Exhibition, 2012